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by Carl Kruse

It was back in 2018 that Reed and Kat Horth had an idea born from their desire to give back to kids in Miami’s under-served communities in the best way they knew how…with art. They started teaching a weekly comic and cartoon illustration class for children at Big Brothers Big Sisters Miami. Soon, they affectionately began referring to the kids as our “babies.” Teaching them on Thursdays quickly became their favorite day of the week. They chose comic illustration because Reed had fallen in love with art and reading as a child through Marvel and DC Comics. Powerful messages of “misfits” overcoming odds helped him through his parents’ divorce and led him ultimately to a career in art. If he could do it, he thought, so could other kids in similar circumstances.

The impact and messaging from the class made Reed and Kat realize that teaching kids to draw comics and cartoons resonated with them. This needed to be bigger they thought. And from there, Comic Kids was born.

Comic Kids became a formal non-profit just before the Miami schools went online in March of 2020. Quickly, the pandemic showed that the best way to reach vulnerable communities was through virtual learning. Since then, Comic Kids has taught thousands of children how to draw over 250 different comic and cartoon characters, interweaving books and graphic novels into their classes.

In the fall of 2022, Comic Kids was contacted by NBC’s Kelly Clarkson Show regarding a segment they produce called “Rad Humans.” This production features “Mom and Pops” who are weaving goodness into their communities. Comic Kids resonated with them.

On January 30th 2023, Comic Kids appeared on the show, which can be viewed here.

Carl Kruse Arts Blog - Comic Kids on Kelly Clarkson
Kat and Reed – Rad Humans.

We have previously written about Comic Kids and Reed and Kat’s beautiful work and are happy to see their wonderful efforts honored by a major media outlet.

May they keep shining bright and flourishing.

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