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As Carl Kruse is away, we let intern Vicky Srivastava write an article on the different types of photography for this blog update.  His first on the internet. Photography and Its Unending Types Photography is an art of different forms and types. Most people would have it that the fundamental purpose of photography includes preservation of memories, precious moments and subjects, even if this description seemingly limits the scope of the craft. Photography has developed in various stages, and it is still developing with its history going back to early man; although obviously not in electronic form, images of subjects were still preserved. This article aims to expose the different types of photography practiced by both amateurs and professionals. Standard types of photography are portraiture and landscape, however there is an unending list of what people do with photography. Both professionals and amateurs usually align towards a certain type of photography over others, with professionals usually being uber-specialized. But as most types of photography overlao with each other it is easy to pick an area of specialty in tune with the personality of the photographer. Photojournalism This type of photography involves capturing events or actions as they are happening. These photographs are mainly used to entice readers for news stories. Photojournalism requires many years of practice to gain the ability to capture human emotions in a single photograph. Macrophotography The taking of photos at a very close range is the domain of macrophotography. To specialize in this kind of image-taking, in-depth knowledge and the appropriate professional film equipment are prerequisites. Moreover, handling lenses and other expensive tools require training. Documentary This type of photography resembles photojournalism. However, documentary photography is usually intended for historical proof of an era while photos taken in photojournalism often show one event, action, or scene. Experience and training are needed in order to capture human emotion in documentary photography.
Glamor Glamor photography specializes in showing the beauty of the human body. The photos taken in glamor photography are mostly sexy but usually respectfully and stylishly taken. There is a significant focus on light and shadows to reveal the human body. Action Action photography has different forms, but sports photography is the more popular of the genres. It requires the photographer to rely on his instincts, after studying the subject, to predict the next move to get an outstanding shot. Portrait This type of photography is one of the oldest and the most traditional types of photography. Its primary aim is to capture the distinctive nature of the subject in a photograph, which could be human or animal. Art Art photography can involve photos in several subjects. The subject can be animals, nature, fascinating view of typical daily objects, etc. However, its basis is aesthetic. Wedding Wedding photography in very complex because it is an amalgam of documentary photography and portrait photography. It requires a high sense of responsibility, knowledge, and skill. Photographs taken by wedding photography are usually post processed for cool vintage and lasting look effects. Advertising This is another photography type that combines different types- portrait, glamor, and macrophotography. The photographs must be interesting and catchy to the consumers, especially in print since they are to illustrate a service or product. A design firm or an advertisement agency is always involved in advertising photography. Travel Travel photography also incorporates different types of photography- glamor, advertising, documentary, and portrait photography. The photographs taken must reveal the life or activities of a certain place in the world, which could either be in landscape or portrait form. Aerial As the name implies, it involves capturing of photographs from above. To achieve this, the camera could be handheld or mounted on a helicopter, aircraft, kite, etc. Baby Baby photography involves taking photographs of babies. The photographer is expected to understand babies and their ways to be able to get great photos. Some people specialize in this form of photography. It also combines portrait photography and documentary photography. Commercial This is a blend of photojournalism, advertising photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, and editorial photography. Concert Concert photography is one of the most complicated types of photography; in that, the location is full of action from the band in front and thousands of fan behind with no one standing still. It is a type of action photography. Fashion This type of photography captures clothing and various fashion items. It is majorly engaged for fashion magazines or advertisements. Equine It involves specializing in taking photographs of horses and everything about horses. It could also include action photography and portrait photography. Fine Art Also referred to as art photography, fine art photography involves producing high-quality photographic prints of creative works of professional artists. It is very technical and requires various settings to preserve the properties of the original work.  This type of photography is the favorite of Mr. Carl Kruse. Food The primary aim of food photography is to create awareness and educate viewers about the art and business of food. Landscape This type of photography aims at interpreting the land, its beauty, and features. Nature It places a strong emphasis on displaying natural elements such as wildlife, plants, landscapes, etc. in the photographs taken. The photographs are always taken outdoors. Underwater Underwater photography involves capturing marine elements and events. It is usually taken during scuba diving or swimming. It requires specialized cameras and equipment. Wildlife This is the most challenging type of photography because the photographs are taken in the natural habitat of the subjects involved. Conclusion Although anyone could go into photography, becoming a professional photographer requires training, knowledge and certain equipment. Expertise and experience are needed when it comes to photo subject ideas, lighting and exposure settings, composition, etc. Carl Kruse Net

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