Another Art Exhibit With Michael Dyne Mieth

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by Carl Kruse

The Carl Kruse Arts Blog invites all to another exhibition and social gathering in Berlin as part of its Art series with German artist Michael Dyne Mieth.

Join us Thursday, May 23, 2024 from 6:30pm – 9:30pm at Dorotheenstr 83, 10117 Berlin.

Dyne will exhibit a collection of his works spanning his more than three decades as a painter. We will also have on hand staff from Margarethenhof Vineyards who have graciously offered to showcase some of their wines for the event. Jasmin Catering will serve unique Levantine-inspired finger foods. It will be good.

The event is free and open to all, though an RSVP is requested to

Dyne is a painter, sculptor and multimedia artist living in Berlin, whose art is exhibited internationally and always attracts attention due to his visionary motives. Some of his work includes his massive “G18” in which he revisits and reimagines Picasso’s Guernica, which has forever inscribed itself in art history as an appeal for peace. G18 was exhibited along with Pablo Picasso’s original Guernica at the Imperial Hofburg Museum in Innsbruck during the anti-war exhibition GUERNICA – “Icon of Peace.”

Dyne was also selected by Cisco Systems to envision a work on sustainability for their innovation center openBerlin. He created a sculpture in the shape of a robot called “Recycle” from packaging material that is normally hazardous waste. Sensors in a bodysuit that Dyne wore saved the data of his movement as the work was created and later published as “the data of creativity” allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the artist’s world and understand what he did and how he did it.

We look forward to seeing you on May 23 for what will be a beautiful evening.


Carl Kruse

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